700 billion us dollars!

700 billion usd

united states of america wants to raise 700 billion dollars and give it to a small amount of people to restore the economy. people who might get this money are the same who created the mess many many times already. it is super clear that united states of america are finally a communist country.

i have lived in a socialist (communist, call it whatever you want) country for a large part of my life and i watched the socialist politicans blah blah on tv – america seems no different. subsidizing to cover up for corrution by the people on top – 100% communist/socialist strategy.

it is amazing that so much money suddenly is available to restore a stock exchange crash while it is no where to be found when it comes to other more serious issues like health and education. i wonder what do people in africa think now – i hope they have no media access – i would be quite pissed myself.

it is kind of super retarded even to openly say you can raise 700 billion dollars so easily while so much world is in deep shit and even 1% of that would solve so many problems.

again, politicians are talking about job creation and stuff like that. bullshit! you can create jobs by donating 700 billions to charity or any other cause instead of banks who obviously have no management skills for this kind of capital. it all sounds so bad, like socialist propaganda of late 80s and early 90s in serbia – and we all know what that got us into.

my suggestion is to shoot 700 investment managers right in the middle of superbowl or something like that – it is cheaper and i am sure will be more effective in preventing the next crash.

if you give money to those who made a mess you are not really teaching them a lesson not to do it again – right? am i missing something here?