a day for all things irish

samuel beckett

around 10 years ago i met the first irish in my life.

he was a designer or artist walking down the street towards benetton’s fabrica.

he wore a super thick woolen sweater and seemed content to walk.

i stopped and offered him a ride which he politely refused.

i do not remember seeing him again.

decade later i know few irish people – mostly men.

since they are irish it is normal that the number of irish i know exponentially increases.

if you meet one irish, soon you will meet 5 more and then 50 more etc…

they are friendly and love to introduce people.

so the other night i felt obliged to research a bit more.

i watched hurling and read the short bbc history of ireland.

i even watched michael collins on youtube.

remembered sinead o’connor and u2.

i learned they lost aaa credit rating.

ryan air is from ireland.

then i remembered – samuel beckett is irish!

any culture which give birth to someone like samuel beckett is ubercool.

i must make a note to stop confusing uk with ireland.

i keep making this stupid mistake over and over.

now i know why people keep confusing serbia with croatia.

(serbia is the bad guy, croatia has the sea.)