a good workout

this is my office and a gym.

bams office

noam chomsky

50min on an elite turbotrainer.

notebook in front, skype on.

watching videos.

this video is inspiring – more and more such niche content inspires me to understand how far can niche product go? this youtube account is dedicated to running slow motion videos in various shoes. great!

nice introduction to the last minute of the next video.

the punchline – both are right!

foucault says that current attitude is product of current conditions and therefore real change can not come from it. sounds smart but what can one do about it. sounds depressive.

chomsky says that despite the lack of information we proceed with suggested changes but remain open. great. proactive. actually practical. however he talks about anarcho-syndicalism which is quite a shitty method for change. also the word revolution repeats. scary. luckily chomsky did not bother with revolutions.

this is the key video for me today!

in the beginning chomsky mentions how it is impossible to study human and how little we know. also says how little we know about human and evolution of humans. right on point.

later the discussion goes into religion which is a waste of time.

overall a good 50mins on turbo.

another day in the office.