amsterdam marathon

last night i got back from amsterdam. i spent a week there. i already started to be a bit bored on the last day while i waited for my afternoon flight.

i was thinking if i could live in that city. i do not know. maybe if i was really motivated. same as when i lived in milano which is another gray almost lifeless city – a business center. now that i have experienced a place like cape town all these european cities seam like a punishment to me. these cities only make sense if i would be motivated by a business goal. otherwise they are miserable for me.

anyway the whole idea of a city is weird. so many people in one place. the origin of cities is laziness of people to move. all of the bad stuff from such a huge mass of humans gets concentrated in such a small area.

only good thing about cities is that i can meet so many cool people in one place. i have spent time with isabella (rafael‘s sister), brom (rafael’s roomate) and veen. isabella is a photographer and has the same kind of youthful arrogance as rafael had, which he is slowly losing over time. as much as this lack of modesty is useful in some immediate political manipulations it is always destructive when one needs to reach enlightment. sounds like bullshit? its not. but isabella is inteligent like rafael, i am sure that as she is more mature she will be more and more modest.

brom seams like a very relaxed guy, he sleeps a lot.

veen i know for many years but i have been cruel to her. she is a very pretty girl and for this i underestimated her talents. my impression so far is that she is a very modest. i was very happy to have spent a day at the beach with her. if we had few more excursions over the next 6 to 12 months i am sure i would completely neglect her beauty and only enjoy her great character.

i do not wish to make this text sound like i do not enjoy isabella or rafael. i care about them both and that is why i always think they can be better. my suggestion is always that they expose themselves to challenges. it seams that the amsterdam environment for isabella is not very challenging enough to trully stimulate her talents.

anyway, as everybody knows, im the least modest and most lazy. but how i am should not influence the authority of judgment. :)

as for the race it was ok. i did 2:51. could have gone faster if i played it smarter. i had a great time with the hermes team. photos are here.

you can also see my custom race videos here (my bib is 257).