another friday morning in the life of me

nikola tosic

woke up at 6 45 am. i like waking up early to swim. like a robot i turn of the alarm so it does not wake up martina, jump out of the bed, go to the kitchen and warm up the water for coffee and put the toast on. while thats preparing i turn on my computer and get into my swim briefs and clothes. after the food i do the toilet stuff and spend about 10 mins online. it is fun to have only ten mins – it feels like eternety in the silence of an early morning. it was still dark outside, windy and cold. i usually chat to marge or sarah, they are in nyc or chicago and they are up and online and always good for few: hey whats up etc…

quite few of us swam today – there was a teenage girl, older guy, student, all kinds of people, sports its fun cause i meet different people. i did 30 x 100m, my speed was around 1:29 per hundred, and i started on 1:50. athletes will know what i am talking about and how fast/slow this is. for an ironman triathlete this early in season it amounts to hopeful 55-56min over 3800m in a wetsuit in season. for me this was a good swim.

most of us went to belgrade center to have a coffee. we chatted over coffees till 11am. usual sports stuff. who is tough, who is fast, what is good, what is bad, gossip, whatnot… sport chats are as retarded as they get but i love them. i could talk sports all day every day. its like watching tv. its a combination of bragging and bitching and megalomania. especially if serbs do it. super fun.

than i went home to meet online with a client and prepare a christmass campaign. this is great but i will not go into details.

and that is the end of the morning. the rest of the day was ok but i am too lazy to write about it. i did a lot more things and met more people and had few arguments and resolutions as usual. i guess i am quite an active person socially and i take a lot of social initiatives.

now i have to work a bit more on client work, my upper back hurts and i have a club run tomorrow in the woods which will be awesome.

ah yeah – very bad thing happened today – sister of my grandmother died at age of 98. i got the call right after the coffee, while i drove. i felt sad about it but few close people died recently (if you followed this blog you would know) and i got numb a bit. i was planning to see her these days and i kept postponing it. i am not sorry i did not see her. i think it is fine to let go. she lived her life fully and she was active till the end. another 30 mins with me would not make a difference. 98 years old! funeral is tomorrow.