auguste rodin gates to hell

decided to visit zurich today.

it was a very basic “check out whatever is in front” routine until i saw it.

auguste rodin gates to hell

it was auguste rodin’s gates to hell in front of kunsthaus zurich.

isabelle arvers made me visit rodin’s museum in paris ages ago – she draw me in by telling me there is a very nice place for breakfast there – and this is when i first saw the gates to hell. i spent maybe 20 mins checking it out and im sure i could have stayed another 20 days there. just looking at it. it is so amazing.

and now i was just walking down the street in zurich, years later, another place, and there it was – the gates to hell suddenly in front of me.

i was amazed. very happy.

again only maybe 20 mins checking it out, but one of these days, when i meet with the gates of hell again, i will sit down and spend some solid time.

my favorite…

ps photo by igor nastic

pss coincidence that i saw gates to hell when my interest in was again rejuvenated through a triathlon team interview with kenneth aronson.