back home in south africa

nelson mandela

i am finally in south africa again, this time in a small town, stellenbosch, just outside cape town.

i have updated my contact information on the contact page – my cell here is + 27 72 2991221.

i will see how martina and i adapt to the small time in africa routine – we arrived here during xmass and it is super deserted, like no one anywhere. stellenbosch is a student town and most students are away to visit their families. it is very empty and shops are closed, surrounded by mountains and valleys and constantly burned by strong winds and sun. beaches are some 20km away so we can not cool down in the ocean.

i have chosen this place to see how it is to be in a small town. i have always daydreamed about such life and now i have a chance to try it. if i like it, if i absorb it fully, it might be a new way for me, and i can stop living in big dirty cities and spend some time in the small houses in the nature. i will see if this is possible in the next month.

stellenbosch is not really a super small place, it is still close to cape town which is quite big, but it gives me a good impression.

i am inspired by a friend of mine, stuart barnes, who moved from london to sedgefield, south africa, and has spent last few years in a small beach house surfing and making money with freelance coding for london clients.

i will see how it works out…

stay tuned…