barack obama wins

kill em all let god sort them out

first reaction: great, no third world war!

second reaction: someone will get bombed anyway, it will just be polished up like never before.

third reaction: why are people so obsessed with politicians, aren’t they just public servants?

fourth reaction: democracy has issues if almost the whole world is so obsessed with a choice between only two individuals. never in the history has been such extreme focus of attention on politicians and with such euphoria.

fifth reaction: internet has not brought liberation as much as it allowed again extreme centralization of power. barack obama used internet so well, a medium which should have actually, in theory, have defeated him.

sixth reaction: no one i speak to gets it that this is just politics, these are not artists, not emperors, not great people… politicians, inspite how ego driven movies and biographies present them, are supposed to be public servants and not celebreties. i find this very dangerous for democracy, such obsession with one leader is never good. obama is not a leader, he is just one guy who is chosen as a best face and best voice to represent lobies and factions and interests. he is designed. if i was asked to design an american president to follow up bush i would come up with something very close to obama myself. there is not much philosophy in that.

seventh reaction: humans are obsessed with image, with the show, and easy forget what happens behind and after. it is a natural human tendency. however new media and technology allows extreme centralization of this obsession and this is dangerous. the change obama is bringing might not be a good one, but the one of more homogenous world with much less diversity. i am not a traditionalist and i find this is interesting but it could be happening a bit too fast for my taste, as many people have not gotten on top of marketing and technnology yet.

eight reaction: great! no third world war with mccain!