Beijing Olympics and Tibet

For months now I have been told by people I know and do not know how the whole Tibet story is horrible and must be put to stop. Also “western media” has been focusing hardly on sport but have used every single point of attack on China, strongest of them being again Tibet. I am super tired of this.

It is not that I disagree with any of these arguments. Of course it is not cool for a big country to just take over a smaller country with tanks. Cool way to do it is, I guess, some kind of contract in which all individuals or at least a huge majority is super happy about working on something together. Also China is not a dream land and of course they make a lot of mistakes and with general lack of PR skills and under constant attack of frustrated anti-China journalists it is easy to pick up on millions of fuckups in this huge country (after all 1/6th of worlds population must be responsible for at least 1/6th of the world’s fuckups).

However I am annoyed by the whole “China sucks” campaign because it is not fair. I do not remember anyone bitching about USA and Atlanta Olympics and I am sure any half retarded journalist could easily find another million of fuckups over there – starting with the shameful fact that USA got the 100th Olympics instead of Athens.

My point is I am not aware of any government that has not done its fair amount of genocide, war, murder, atrocities, covert shit and god knows what else. China is hardly a leader in this and the Tibet incident is hardly an isolated incident. I am not into the whole west/east division, I find it retarded, but in some cases it can be useful to remind the general public that east is not doing anything that west did not do few decades earlier and east did few decades before that.

The point is that China is hardly original in anything. If you are to bother and email me about China and Tiber and if you are to bitch about pollution in Beijing than please bitch about every other single such takeover (there are probably like 100 of aggressive takeovers in the last century by almost every country – usually the bigger the country the more takeovers) and every other pollution issue.

Otherwise you are only working for free for the media which wants you to get excited about Tibet and wants you to forget another million other fuckups next to your home.

If you want to make a world a better place my suggestion is to work on issues around you and closest to you and this will slowly affect the entire human race. Following issues that mass media tells you to follow is just a distraction and political media manipulation and it is so cleverly done that it is so hard to resist. I mean who can not be touched by their arguments or the usual photos of burning monks, starving children etc…

But the rule is: if it is in media it probably is bullshit.

Or if you want to help Tibet than be ready to help another 50 countries like this, and check well if your wellbeing as well in not secured by the same kind of political action that you are blaming China for.