beware, sport without doping could be boring

lance armstrong marco pantani mount ventoux

sure, doping kills and destroys lives.

not only of athletes who dope, but of everybody else involved in sport.


if doping suddenly goes away, we might need to settle for:

– pro cyclists getting really tired and slowing down half way up mount ventoux and alp d’huez

– pro bodybuilders looking less bulky than half of the girls in a local gym

– nba players playing maybe one game every second week

– no american football whatsoever

– mma would be more or less a slapping contest

– injury recovery would take not few weeks, but a year, just enough so we forget who they were

hollywood would definitely benefit from this.

we would be less interested in slow boring sports full of beaten up exhausted athletes.

sports would suddenly become real, and not fiction as it is now.

and we love fiction.

so think twice next time you wish doping to go away.

you might end up watching much more hollywood summer blockbusters.