books i am skimming currently: mein kampf, bushido, the google story

i never really read books from start to finish. i skim them or i jump from section to section. Sometimes over time i end up reading most of the book, but sometimes i read only 10-20 % (this % is a metaphore, i never really measured nor i think i ever will).

currently i am checking out some 10+ books at a time but these are the books i focus on most:

mein kampf by adolf hitler

i was always interested in reading but i never had a chance to buy it. now it was advertised in my regular bookstore and i got it immediately. its a classic of course. it is always entertaining to read what someone like adolf hitler wrote. he is very passionate and you can feel it. similar to nietzsche but less imagination and intelligence – of course since its for the masses. of course its cheap propaganda for himself, something he excelled in. i would advise this book to corporate marketing directors, there’s lot to learn from it.

quote from the book: it makes me sick to the point of vomiting at the very thought that one day i end up as a man without freedom who is allowed to sit in some office; that i am not the master of my own time, but that the entire content of my life must fit into forms that have to be filled out.

this is my quick translation, but still you get the point. what can i say – i agree with hitler on this point – i am not a fan of office work either. who is?


samurai code of conduct. its ok. i think it could be more comprehensive. i was quite disappointed by how shallow it is. also the serbian translation is horrible and ruins it quite a bit. i think such a thing should be much more interesting in japanese. the book inspired me to watch a samurai movie taboo which is much more interesting than bushido. again bushido could be interesting as an inspiration for everyday joes like me to set some basic principles. hopefully these principles will not dictate suicide or decapitating those who break the rules. its a small easy to read book. good for few days. i suggest it again to some kind of die hard obsessed executives or cult leaders (although that’s a cliché, maybe bushido could be inspiring for everyone).

quote: in this case it is logical to grad the scoundrel, this devil of the house, the enemy of the lord, and end with him whichever way you prefer – stab him with a sword or cut his head off – and when you are finished with this in a pleasing manner, you should immediately commit hara-kiri (seppuku, suicide). Than there will be no official investigations and the position of your lord will be secure.

bushido is basically a job description for samurai so imagine if this was written on a job description today. :) of course, to me its a lot of blah blah, it is very questionable who actually acted like this. i think there is a big gap between this writing and reality amongst samurai.

the google story by david a. vise

super boring book. google guys did this, did that, whatever. another one of million books about how someone made a lot of money. it only has value as a reference: if you are into internet or you hang out with internet people its good to know what larry page did in such and such situation. but basically who cares. also i am amazed that they miss the whole point of google – people don’t care about the speed of searching but about the ease of use. i remember when google showed up – it was more or less the same month a friend of mine, daniel jenett, did a redesign of for razorfish – google was about less not speed. anyway, its a good cheap easy to use reference book. one of hundreds you should skim if you are into internet.

no quotes here since its too boring.

paranoid ending of the post: hopefully i am listed on some fbi/nsa/cia list for buying and talking about mein kampf and bushido so maybe i will get extra trouble when i cross borders – as if its possible to get any more extra than i get now. :) be careful when you buy these books as you never know who is watching.