brian droitcour style of art journalism

Brian Droitcour

i was inspired by brian droitcour article on rhizome so i made some parody examples how brian might write about other subjects:

this is how brian droitcour would write about rafael rozendaal:

Rafael Rozendaal is an artist, webdesigner and Andy Warhol fan from Maastricht, Holland. While Rafael pays his bills by doing freelance webdesign he uses his free time to produce drawings, oil paintings and Adobe Flash animations. Rafael has focused on drawing mustaches and painting canvases in full colors with triangles on edges.

Other major cultural contributions from Maastricht are White Devils metal band and Johan Van Dynk, 65 year old naive artist and performer who trained his dog to pain portraits. However Maastricht offers extremely poor cultural support so Rafael was forced to experiment with Adobe Flash software and find his own way.

this is how brian droitcour would write about miltos manetas:

Miltos Manetas is a Greek immigrant artist who focuses on producing oil paintings of floors, tv screens and women. Especially interesting is his study of his Chinese girlfriend Yi Yo. In free time Miltos has experimented with Adove Flash and HTML coding as an art medium.

Miltos is currently residing in London due to lack of support from his native Greece. No one is preventing him from painting tv screens in London!

this is how brian droitcour would write about andy warhol:

Andy Warhol is a Polish American painter know for his paintings of every day food items from supermarkets. During the interview with Andy Warhol he offered me a cigarette and I was touched by his Eastern European / Polish politeness. This Polish artist has left his mark on me with his dominant use of red and magenta. There are many Warhol works which can be admired but I am touched by his Tomato Soups.

This amazing specimen of Polish American movement and culture in our native USA will be remembered for generations.

However, Andy Warhol and Ronald Regan are contemporaries they have never officially collaborated. It is not clear if there were intentions by either parties to interact.

this is how brian droitcour would write about paris:

I arrived in Paris and stayed for 5 hours on the train station. After I checked the initial brochures on the train station it was clear to me that in spite all the history and advertising Paris did not have much to offer culturally. I managed to talk to few people I heard about a decade ago and some I found on a local website for pet exchange, but due to my lack of knowledge of French and their culture, we did not get very far. Although Paris is five times bigger than London it still offers 23 times less cultural content.

maybe we need brian droitcour to give us a new view on art history or world in general???