brian droitcour brian droitcour brian droitcour

i was very inspired yesterday with all the crap about brian droitcour article. amazing how i got upset. he is lucky he was not in the same country with me at the moment.

in any case i made a website

i found it funny to write those parodies in his style and people like them so ill play more with that, under his name. consider this an art work.

i submitted it to artbase and i hope they accept it. following description was added: is a content / publishing online art piece focusing on the media and individual interpretations of art and artists identities. An art piece is free to evolve after it has been released in the public and is subject to shifting,c hanging, morphing. How far can these changes go? How different can someones impression be from the original intention? What is the function and credibility of media and art history? How can an individual cope with lack of control of his own identity? is a project asking these questions but not offering any answers…

i choose allegory and appropriation as categories. (had to look those up on wikipedia!)

brian should be flattered i dedicate so much attention to him, just as, i guess, i should be, that he dedicated so much attention to me. as i told him when he was here – he should be an artist and not a journalist. obviously he sucks as a journalist, someone will kill him at some point. i already got like 4 other people complaining about his shit writing.

but i think he would be much better if he was just doing art and stop trying to be this wannabe power guy. has something to do with childhood inferiority complex to try to be a journalist, curator, whatever is on top.

there you go… petty psychoanalyses for free :)

i will stop writing about this issue now, i am already mega bored by it…