cameron phillips - sexy terminator

cameron phillips sexy terminator

the whole sarah connor chronicles is super sexy. teenage boy meets a sexy girl (they wanted to date) but his mother is in the way… is this story based on the basic sexual desires or what? i guess 101 psychology always sells well through hollywood…

i find the above poster super sexy. i wonder who directed the whole image of the show, it is really experimental, or maybe not… i mean pop music is always about sex anyway.

sex sells – but you really need to know how to pack it, there is always a very thin line between super cheesy or making it happen in a super cool way. i am doing some research on porn industry and i was always fascinated by its history from 17th century till now. theres a good book on it by mit press but i lost it somewhere.

human mind is not all about sex of course, but it certainly is an easy way to take attention.