changeling by clint eastwood

changeling by clint eastwood

i read somewhere clint eastwood is a great director. huh… not really… it seems that standards for “great direction” are going down and down year by year.

clint eastwood’s changeling is a cheap emotional stuff. i mean, you can mostly just react to that movie. there is not much about it. sure no body likes the crooked cops and everybody thinks the mother is great. its super black and white. ultra super black and white. bad guys are really bad from corrupt retarded cops to serial killers, and good guys are really good like a hurt single mother and a preacher activist. even lord of the rings’ forces of dark have more character dimensions than clint eastwood’s characters.

another thing: i am super anti death sentence and changeling presents it as very practical way to deal with the serial killer of kids. again it is related to super bad and super good characterizations. everything is so badly and tastelessly overdone in the movie so it ends up as death sentence, one of the worst crimes in the history of humanity, feels as good. i think eastwood should have been a bit smarter about this, i do not know his political views, but i am guessing he is not against the death sentence, or he just forgot.

okay, so many people smoke in the film, but this is usual. tobacco still pays for a lot of film budgets and i am so used to people smoking in every scene, with kids. i really doubt that everybody smoked in each office in 1920s california, especially with kids in the rooms.

and a bunch of stupid overdone emotional and gore crap all over the place: axe murder scenes, snuff moments of serial killer jerking after being hanged etc etc…. so stupid and kitsch.

it seems like a detail but you come out of theater looking at gore, smoking and death penalty. add to that super weird and ultra anorexic angelina jolie and its a super bizarre mess of a film. i mean there are some scenes which are just a joke which i do not even have time to write about.

so many mistakes. such bad taste. such easy tricks.

spielberg likes to play with emotions, he puts snods and farts in movies to sell it to the retards (like me) in the audience, but he still has some taste, so he is ok. thats the whole point. clint just does not have that. he can obviously make a movie but it does not come out right.

i guess clint eastwood is thanking god (if he is religious) every day that most other directors are just plain bad.