che guevara sucks

fidel castro che guevara

1) che killed people in the name of freedom.

you do not need to kill anyone to get freedom.

this is terrorism and murder.

2) you can still buy che’s guerilla warfare book which is quite terrorist propaganda.

book is a set of instructions how to kill people.

interest in che motivates misguided publishers to print this shit and put it next to kids books.

again in the name of freedom.

3) what do people like this really achieve?

4) imagine what would you if you were jumped by his rebels.

aggression, war and terrorism is not a way to change things.

there is nothing about che that reflects freedom.

he was a lost person never smart enough how to actually change things positively and long term.

he got frustrated by his inability and started killing people.

a normal does not go into woods and shoot people.

revolution is stupid. over and over it is clear it does not work, never did work and never will work.

why would someone think che is cool and unabomber is serial killer i do not understand.

they are both crazy sociopaths pretending to want to make the world a better place.