poor chinese kid in garbage

these are the main headlines on at the moment:

Media reveal ‘black’ jails in China

Scores arrested in poaching raids

Velvet Revolution 20 years later

Shanghai lost in translation

Booze impacting Russian health

Air France plane forced to turn back over Atlantic Ocean

Iranian navy seizes racing yacht, British crew members

Obama relays Afghanistan strategy to top officials

Witnesses recall bloody siege at Rwandan college

Nations divided on recognizing Honduran president-elect

Government won’t guarantee Dubai World’s debt

Lawyer: Guards who helped Nazis ‘victims, not culprits’

U.S.-bound oil tanker hijacked off Somalia

31 children among dead in Bangladesh ferry disaster

Roads to a better Haiti

Counting two wars’ dead

Iran OKs 10 new nuke plants

Thai farmers allege slavery

Bin Laden ‘within our grasp’

Banks try to calm fears

as it seems to me its all super grim. the world according to looks full of illiterate drunk people, horrible roads, slavery, nuclear weapons, nazis and dead children. and yeah there is one guy who “slouches over his Hewlett-Packard laptop” (super cheesy product placement!) and counts the dead.

what if the would present the world like this:

happy african girl

Chinese are very hospitable people and willing to learn your language

Delights of the French food and countryside

Japan and China make partnerships which benefit both nations and the region

Check out the Russian classics

Mexican’s are good businessmen

Iranian women are voted to be the most loyal partners

Arabian art amazes in Paris

South East Europeans are welcomed in EU without visas, nations and cultures come closer

Internet domain names have been internationalized

Swiss government has donated 10 million Swiss Francs to African developing countries in Africa

Congo economists find solutions to support local business growth

Family budgets are growing after parents learned not to overspend