by rafael rozendaal rafael rozendaal

rafael rozendaal ( made a new website:

the basic visual is similar to his only that is more abstract (title makes it so) while is super blunt (you flip for a new color). between these two rafael has became more blunt.

also he seems to hyper-produce these websites. i am not sure if this is good nor bad. i visit his sites, i enjoy them for less than a minute and i hardly ever visit them again. websites like make me think a bit later since there is something abstract there thanks to the title – i hope that rafael had an idea to intrigue and not just entertain – but the new ones are more like kid’s interactive games a local bank in belgrade installed to keep the customer’s kids busy.

again i’m the kind of person that does not enjoy advertising and quick stuff. i like a story and something to think about while i cycle for 7 hours alone and rafael’s does not do it for me. we can call this the 7 hour cycle test.