copenhagen ultramarathon 2011 50km race report

– drank coke and half a banana

– had “cramps” and tightness from 14th km

– suffered last 12km – i think due to lack of minerals, i was shacking like crazy after and only after i took few salt tables i could not recover, typical problem i have in most races

– i ran almost 10sec faster than previous 50km only because there was no crowd, what changed since the previous race is that i did not train (i got out of shape), i slept much less, and i gained 3kg. but since there was no crowd to run through i was overall faster.

– was a super boring race, if i only did not get fat in business travels i could have maybe won it (also if i knew the top 3 guys were very close in front)

– im still in really bad shape, two years ago i would run this at 4:00 easy, not 4:33 which is really super slow. however i consider 4:33 my 100km pace and i use these races as tempo runs for 100km race. if there is a 30-50km race anywhere near ill do it as training anytime without problems. as long as there is some salt and coke around.

– my 2h once a week runs are enough. as ole says – only challenge for 100km is not getting bored. one long run on sunday is enough, with some speed and tempo during the week.

– i will be going for 100km+ later this year and then see if i take this distance seriously for 2012. will see if ole wants to do a nice race, maybe something in mountains or woods. im open to suggestions.