damien hirst inspired by 9/11

damien hirst bin laden

last few days it is very annoying to read retarded reviews of damien hirst auction by financial media. most of the financial guys, journalists etc – they can not get it. the auction and everything else, although done in an organized business manner, is a joke, and this is what makes damien so much fun.

damien is a guy who clearly understood the great side of 9/11 and said it in media in blunt honesty. of course, for all you american patriots and fellow humans, we all agree 9/11 is horrible, but you can not ignore another aspect of the genius of bin laden. damien hirst gets it.

damien is so smart that he plays stupid. by playing stupid he knows he can play his games with people easier and have more fun. only not so smart people want to be smart, those who have something to prove, those whos parents did not really give them enough attention when they were babies. really smart people, like super smart, pretend to be super stupid so they can have the most fun.

damien is like that. he is super smart and plays stupid.

99,9% of people do not get it.

but i guess he does it for those very few, probably for few friends he has beer with on sunday afternoon.

here are hardcore facts:

damien hirst auction is clearly inspired by 9/11

damien hirst auction is a performance piece, sort of like toywar, but much smarter and much more fun

damien hirst will be super bored now for few months till he figures something else

damien hirst would love to start a new war and design it from start to finish

if damien hirst does not do it some artist in future will definitely start a war, design all the uniforms, weapons and make some idiotic nations actually kill each other wearing these uniforms, but not even getting it it is an art piece (joke).

maybe damien hirst was behind some of the recent wars. he was around russia lately. :)

who is damien hirst making these jokes on – everybody, himself, nobody – does it matter? no!

what matter is that these are great jokes.

but could be even greater.

as i said, thanks to damien hirst for making the world a bit more fun.

thanks to bin laden for inspiring damien hirst.