day i met richard e. grant

richard e grant, gosford park

i was eating a chicken liver pate, roast beef and onion sandwitch (to boost my red blood cell count) in one of the best delis ever, giovanni’s in greenpoint, cape town, and i noticed that one person looked so much like an actor i have recently seen in a movie on tv.

he was one of those actors you do not really know by name but he shows up here and there. and only by accident i have seen the portrait of a lady by jane campion featuring nicole kidman and john malkovich few nights ago (check profile here). he seamed so familiar to me, this actor who was buying some food at the counter.

i walked up to him and asked: i am sorry to bother you but you look like that actor. he said, in a very direct quick way: yes i am an actor.

i got a bit scared and said: ok thank you i just wanted to check.

later on i checked the cast of the portrait of a lady and the actor was richard e. grant (check his profile here).

i think he is the most famous person i have ever met.

he looked very dirty with long toe nails and cheap clothes. i always liked him in movies. i will make sure to check some of his movies again. i also like him in gosford park by robert altman.