dejan patrcevic for lunch, vuk cosic for dinner

vuk cosic

this morning i met dejan patrcevic ( on zagreb airport, he flew in from hawaii. i waited for him with his parents who had these huge banners to welcome him. some reporters were there. it was weird and cute.

now i am in ljubljana. i am running ljubljana marathon on sunday. i should do well. i did not get all the weight down but i am ok at around 60.5kg. could have lost another 500 grams but i think i will do fine. i am running fast.

i am staying with vuk cosic ( and his wife irena and daughter luna. they have a very nice apartment which is full of super cool books and it is right next to the marathon start.

interesting fact about vuk cosic, for those of you who do not recognize his fame, is that he is one of the founders of movement and actually the guy who named it. outside digital / internet art this means little, but how much did a name like marcel duchamp mean to average people of his age?

it is nice to catch up with vuk and just chat and discuss and investigate. he is nice to investigate.

in many ways he is not impressive but he is also super impressive. there is nothing wow about him at first glance but once you look at his entire body of work, its steady buildup, than you have to respect it.

he is also revolutionary in his web and branding consulting work – very similar to mine but more successful because he is more motivated, he has a kid to feed and does not do ironman. i would like to work with him.

another inspiring person of same caliber is ken aronson of who is also art+business kind of guy and blends those two well. vuk also mentioned hans bernhard but i think hans is always super genius but too destructive and unpredicatble.

enjoying ljubljana, small and quiet. had good wine and some pasta. i am running 16kmh with ease.

a nice day…

i am not sure where i will go from monday, maybe to venezia for architecture biennial or to see some friends in milano. we will see. i can relax from training after marathon and i have some cash and a car so there is no stopping, as long as i do not get too carried away. i have some extra underwear as well.