diagnosed with hypertension at 35

julien absalon

last night i was testing blood pressure measuring devices so i can use them in the office.

just for the sake of a test i measured my own blood pressure.

i saw it was 165/90.

i thought the device was broken, so i tried another one.

with another device i got the same blood pressure.

i got worried, and booked a meeting with cardiologist today.

in a test with cardiologist, at heart rate 165 bpm i reached 220 mm Hg systolic, which is high risk of stroke.

i was diagnosed with hypertension at age of 35 which will most likely be around for rest of my life.

problem is that my family has a loooong history of cardiovascular problems, and i have these genes too.

it was quite a shock to go from feeling super healthy and strong to realizing i will be sick for the rest of my life.

i was expecting this to happen some time in my life, but not at the age of 35.

as i understood i will:

– be on a shitty diet for the rest of my life

– be taking medicine every day for the rest of my life

– travel with a blood pressure measuring device everywhere

– have a panic attack every time i have headache thinking it is a stroke

– feel like i am playing russian roulette when doing intense training intervals, racing uphill, or eating peanuts

maybe i am a little bit dramatic.

at least good thing is i lost weight and got in shape in recent months.

so the life style change thing is over and one with.

now i hope that with medication i will be able to continue mtb training.

i really can not see myself training at under 150 bpm.