educational sticker @ padiglione internet

i got a bit annoyed (not really news right?) about the anti-copyright thing at venezia biennale support at neen.

i am not really pro copyright, nor anti-copyright, i mean i do not care about it but i do not get into it.

so i wanted to teach them a lesson and i did an educational sticker which was supposed to be critical of their superficial and wannabe support of anti-copyright.

but since i am, i guess, a very abstract kind of person and i care about how pretty things are, the sticker ended up being maybe one of the best ever.
padiglione internet
2009 05 19

i was not able to print it in time for opening, but who cares, i never liked openings, so agreed with miltos that i just mail some stickers to people who want them.

so if you want some email me your address and ill mail them to you for free.

(in case i do not reply immediately try again – could be spam or i could be in hospital or buried alive or whatever… you know how it is…)

i have to say it was very emotional editing the ftp of the i have not been there in almost a decade. i logged in that ftp 50 times a day but never entered that folder. i feel very emotional now.

let me know if you want any stickers.