email to marc kremers about digital club's animation

this seems nice but is too big for my monitor and too big for my adsl

i think maybe 0,000001% of internet population can use it

be more of a populist in your work, its not that i am on a small monitor and a slow connection, but its obviously made for rich people who can afford most expensive notebooks and connections (triple of what i spend). its an issue of money but you are stimulating people to overpay for stuff, its as if you made something that works only for those who wear versace and drive ferrari – in other words for those who are into buying big and fast stuff.

philosophically your work does depend on the whole consumption ideology since you are at the center of it, completely isolated from reality of most of humanity. while this can work within this system, you are still online and you still communicate to the other 6,5 bill people, you are still connected to them in many more ways than you can imagine, so its good to feel it.

this kind of design, to me, is very schizofrenic and dilusional, but entertaining. in the essence of entertainment is, in many ways, mental illness (extreme detachment from reality).


i read this post about i published it and i can imagine that it sounds bitter and frustrated. for some reason any kind of criticism in this style always ends up sounding like this, like some early 1900s communist propaganda. this is an unfortunate sideeffect, a completely wrong impression, even though i get the same impression about my own writing it is not true.

i have absolutely no bitterness or frustrated or anything. i am, i believe, as objective as possible and i am only focusing on one aspect which seems interesting to me at the moment. i am more writing for myself than for mark, i am “thinking out loud”.


all that i wrote on this subject is only an accidental train of thought, i am not judging or anything, i just when sometimes my thoughts go in a certain direction and i follow it. sometimes it can see negative, i noticed, but i think at most it is realistic not negative, as i actually feel very positive and excited when i talk/think about this. i feel like i have discovered a new continent.