email to rafael regarding hobit walks

rafael sent me this link: Geek exercise challenge by

i answered following:


i like this

but they should not do hobit walks, but two tower runs, when aragorn, gimli and legolas were running after the uruk hai to save marry and pipin, this was from the falls of rauros until the fangorn forrest – thats a killer run dude

by my calculations that should be around 332.5 miles or 532 km or running

i can not remember how many days it took them to run 532 km, i think it was around 3 or 4 days in the book, the movie does not mention the time in this case, anyway, if they ran it even in 5 days it is an amazing run

aragorn is dunedain so he lives like a 200 years or something so he must have super strength to run so far, in the movie he is already 80+ years old yet he looks like he is 30

legolas is an elf so he is supposed to be a good ultra runner

i can not imagine how someone like gimli could hav ran that, with all the armor and weapons, this is a proof that dwarfs have incredible relative strength, sort of like ants, for example: they can lift much more than humans relative to their body weight