enjoying work

sam palmisano

my father always told me: you do business with people.

pretty much everybody else told me this too, but i like to quote my father :)

i really enjoy people with whom i work.

every morning i look at the list of people who hire me to consult them, some 30-40 people.

there is not one person there i would not spend a month with on a boat :)

work is great.

i recently interviewed one old friend as client, and he did not understand this connection.

he was angry, stressed, negative and focused on “big”.

big is a brand illusion. it is a product. it is not business.

you do not do business with brands, you do business with people.

business is personal. emotional.

as andrea would say: respect.

it does not matter if it is world bank or the guy across the street selling newspapers.

it is same.

you have to help the people who ask you for help.

simple as that.