facebook: reply to rafael's email

rafael emailed me a question: do you have any idea why facebook is getting more and more popular? i dont get it at all…

this is what i wrote but than i decided to post it:

there is no competition and word of mouth marketing

also facebook system is very aggressive, compared to myspace, youtube etc it emails me like 100 times more than others

just a combination of things you can do with the emailing and lack of anything else on that level

localized networks are ok but are very limited

facebook also combines localization with globalization (local networks)

so it took the local markets and managed to compete on global markets

myspace and others dont have that

actually they do but its not direct

facebook is much more direct meaning your activities are made into procedures much more (less creativity, more time to do the business) and this allows faster growth, all you have to do is push YES/NO buttons while with others you have to be much more creative

and facebook also offers so many YES/NO buttons so you get the illusion of creativity

by YES/NO buttons i consider all the addons, widgets, whatevers