few poems online






these are few of the new websites i have made.

it is very questionable why they are made. i often spoke to rafael about why things like this are made and i guess rafael and i will die one day still discussing it. many times i argue with him, i attack his opinions, but only because of my need to know, and i can only find out through an attack, a form of aggressive investigation. provocation is a good form of discovery.

stuart just asked me if these are ment to be so boring. i really do not think so. they are neither ment to be entertaining. maybe inspiring. or not? all these are optional but not the purpose in itself. purpose of making these i do not know. it is certainly a plus if they are not boring but entertaining but also for them to be entertaining they have to be placed within a particular context, usualy a power context.

even the most boring thing will become super entertaining if people believe there is power in it. i am not saying the audience is dumb just that people will like anything as long as everybody else likes it. will these kind of sites be liked by everybody i do not know. i can only put them online and make them available and hope things happen. i can also be aggressive in promoting it but i am too busy and lazy to do that.

but i am promoting it right now. why i do not know.

anyway i hope you like it.