first cape town impressions

moullie point

thirsty dog


back in south africa for my 7th winter.

back in cape town for the sixth time.

again in seapoint.

i was here 8 years ago when pimps and drug dealers were everywhere, now its fancy coffee places with wifi and expensive health spas.

ocean, sky and mountains are still same.

its nice to breathe in the ocean air.

light is so different, makes everything else look so different. amazing how much effect light has on everything, a little change in something in light and it feels like a whole different planet.

blacks are still black and whites are still white.

new stadium is here, looks modest and practical. still need to see it from inside but i heard good stuff.

had a party with triathlon team, that was fun.

nothing else, im tired from an early long swim…

my new cell is +27 74 1071883.

call me…