fun at jtt vicenza office (thank you lisa norden)

at work last week we had few important events:

– 1st november we moved in jtt belgrade office;

– 2nd november our partner, andrea toniolo, moved in a new office in vicenza.

to put a bit of focus on this event we asked lisa norden to join us for a photoshoot.

lisa was super cool to fly to venezia and spend few days with us.

considering this is an olympic year and she is shooting for a medal in london i know it was hard for her to give up few days.

i will do more posts about this (of course).

what is amazing about the new office is:

– it was designed by andrea palladio and build in mid 16th century (see wikipedia on pallazo porto);

– furniture is designed by terry phipps this year.

juxtaposition of these two is amazing.

once you pass being impressed by palladio’s design and start working and experiencing the atmosphere the impressions of terry’s interior design start to sink it.

however i think this experience requires a whole new post as well.

the whole experience was overwhelming for me and it is hard to put it into one quick post.

two new offices + lisa + palladio + terry.

not to mention that lisa and i did a run in venezia during which in 3 hours we saw stuff i usually take a whole day (including entire biennale).

we all need like a week to recover mentally from an overload.

check out the photos on jtt flickr group.