gangnam style hits billion views - this is what people like


the most watched video on youtube is gangnam style with more than one billion views.

i am a branding strategist, so my job is – by some definition – to know what people like.


according to gangnam style video people like:

– humor

– add something new, no matter how irrelevant it is, as long as it is visible (the dance)

– lyrics they can not understand

– kind of next door girls, not really sexy, but not someone you would say NO to either

– cheap effects and style

– good sense of music rhythm and melody (everything in right place, nothing strange and out of place)


by this definition i could conclude:

– just be funny and things will work out

– do something weird in an socially acceptable way

– it really is not relevant if you are understood

– daily and accessible is sexy

– adding money in production makes no difference

– the essence of product should be done right, the rest is not so relevant


according to above james cameron’s titanic should have failed because:

– it was not so funny (young people die horrible in horrible ways)

– not sure if anything is new about it

– i understood their language

– kate winslet is actually daily-accessible-sexy, so cameron got that right

– a lot of money was invested, everything looked expensive

– things do work properly, nothing jumps out, cameron knows how to put things together well