george martorano is denied his freedom

as i said before i am managing a blog for george martorano who is serving a life sentence in coleman prison, florida, usa. george was sentenced to life for a non-violent crime (drug smuggling). it is probably the harshest sentence anyone ever got in usa for a non-violent crime. recently his case was examined and he had a chance of getting out. the court decided he should stay in.

it frustrates me. i told everyone i knew that george had a chance. my parents were asking me about him. my friends. in this case of course hope is a dangerous thing as you can get very syched and than disapointed like this. for us it is the most minor thing in our lives – some guy in florida will stay locked up – so we just continue with whatever we have done with just an anounce of frustration and thats it.

i can not imagine the pain george goes through. i know him a bit by now. i am sure he tried to surpress the hope, manage his emotions, trying to be wise and prepared for every scenario. but how can you control it all. you can only try to forget it. no matter how strong you are – and george is strong as a rock – there is no way you can manage these emotions.

check out his blog.