going to amsterdam marathon

joel fox has left yesterday. he had some police problems because we did not know he had to register upon his arrival in serbia.

the police “cought” him in the train to kiev but he managed to bribe them with 20 euros and continue his trip. i had a day to relax a bit – hosting guests is both great yet demanding – and in 30 mins i am off to the airport to go to amsterdam.

i will take part in amsterdam marathon on sunday. this race is just a training race for me. i will see how far i can push it but without overdoing it. i do not want to have too much damage so i need a month to recover. i want to be able to train properly within a week or two after the marathon.

my recovery is much faster this year of course. also the whole thing “push but dont push” is kind of a weird concept which i have no idea how i will handle. i usually overdo when i race so i doubt i will show much self-control.

anyway, it is good to spend few days in amsterdam and i have never done a big marathon like this before. it is a fast flat race. organizer expects some 25 000 athletes.

my club in serbia, hermes, will have a team of seven athletes in this race (including me). it is fun to combine my sports friends from serbia with amsterdam which for me was always related to art or work. i am a bit confused about this mix as these two worlds are very different for me. serbia is so isolated and strange yet outside serbia for me was always practical and specific.

it is an experiment.

tonight i will know if joel arrived safely in kiev.