harsh facts :)

smoking soldier life

few notes:

smoking is good for society.

i do not wish that anyone close dies of smoking.

this is a personal emotion.

emotion is somewhat presented as morality.

morality is relevant in one way to individuals, and another way to society.

morality to society is a form of marketing.

society must satisfy the minimal physical and emotional needs of individuals.

constructs like religion are beautiful.

religions are cultures based only on emotion and include billions of people.

nations are based on genetics.

nations learn from religions because religions are more advanced cultures.

more advanced cultures are cultures based only on emotion.

genetics are too slow for humans.

branding and communication always existed.

military is amazing.

military has amazing marketing power to turn every day individuals into mass murderers.

what is the difference between serial killer in home town and serial killer in a far away country?

military uses most advanced marketing engine designed many thousands of years ago.

society periodically creates individuals who are able to utilize this engine almost completely.

perception of quality is individual.

the food we eat is bad, the air we breath is bad, the apartments we live are bad.

but we will pay 1000s of times more for smallest differences while everything is same.

most products have very little innovation.

this is not because product designers are stupid, but because innovation is not required.

everything comes down to individual’s perception which is emotional.

life is very very short.

time is the only real wealth.

money is a trick.

we all need to create.

if we do not create we despair.

like ants or bees.