highly respected trucker citizen with a boat

goal planning in prison

found this image online.

it is a form given to prisoners to fill out.

focus is on their goals after their prison term.

gives them some focus or hope i guess.


this prisoner hopes to be a “highly respected citizen” who makes 30-40.000 us$ a year with trucking.

he needs to get several specific licences and specific trucking education.

he mentions truckers can make up to 100.000 us$ a year.

he wants to buy a boat.

interesting how very specifically designed education and career can give shape to someone’s life.

i guess it is easier if everything is narrowed down.

a lot of choices but really not many choices.

i can not really tell if this is a choice or lack of choice.

i am confused.

it takes the fun out of life.

will they let him out if he chooses not to have a goal?

what is freedom?

how would sartre fill this form?

to be honest i am not sure if this prisoner was taking the piss out of them.

i guess you have to write something.

i might write the same thing to get out.

yeah i want to be a highly respected trucker citizen with a boat.