how to look good on tv

i was watching a tv show this night. it was one of those math competitions. the screen was divided in two parts, the math problem in the middle, competitor faces was on the sides.

on the right side was a lawyer, horrible hair, no tan, looked sick and tortured. very bad look. on the left side was probably the worlds ugliest woman.

than i realized – to look good on tv all you need to do is to choose super ugly people around you. also make sure that you are not in a show together with supermodels, 18 year old gymnasts, movie stars and such… tv is very relative, as long as you are the only thing people see on the screen you immediately have all the power. it does not matter how stupid or ugly you are. you and only you are there and this is what matters.

and if you are surrounded by stupider and uglier people around you than its a huge plus. you will appear like a beautiful genius.

i am sure some people spend their whole lives with some other people just because of this.

anyway, this is your pr tip for today. let me know when you put it into practice.