hulger pappa*phone

hulger pappa*phone

nicolas roope made hulger and hulger made pappa*phone. nicolas is a strange but cool friend. we have done project in london and last year he drove all the way to sherbourne to meet me for indian dinner after i have finished an ironman.

anyway, hulger phones are nice. i did get one for my dad and was too lazy to use it, but i just love the idea. you can plug them in skype or your cell phone. you have to buy one to be cool.

anyway hulger is how businesses should be. super designed and relaxed. i can not describe it but i like how nicolas manages this business (he is not alone but i see his influence).

nic roope tom roope

nicolas is also founder and creative director of poke london and was founder of oven digital (for those who remember the late 90s era of web development). nic is also brother of tom roope who worked as “chief” or whatever digital guy in tomato. we paid tom few years ago to do a lecture for one of my non profit initiatives – festival called njumedija_ (website is off, only thing that survived time is a poster on my wall made by anselmo tumpic, now into ads in milano).

nic and tom were part of antirom but thats another story.

blah blah blah… lots of history…

cool guy, cool company, cool product…

buy it!