hurt locker is so bad

hurt locker sucks

i get very very very scared when i see a movie so so so bad get so much recognition. i am literally scared for humanity and i even almost get depressed about it.

i mean, who in the world can say that something as bad as hurt locker is a good movie.

what is going on with this world…

the same academy awards which awarded michael moore and there will be blood are now awarding a very cheap, boring, unimaginative war and tobacco propaganda.

amazing how standards can drop in a matter of years…

please check my site say no to military and why you should NOT be part of the military machine… ever.

this movie is just so bad and its not even about ideology, its just so damn boring.

note: make movies either about generals (think patton) or special forces on steroids (think rambo), stop boring us with these movies about infantry and totally useless individuals in a military machine. whats next? movies about janitors in military? who gives a fuck!

its military. its for stupid people who can not do anything creative so they end up making weapons, killing people or ordering people around. theres nothing cool about it.

its just stupid and a stupid movie about something so stupid is just extra stupid.

there is not one single pixel of creativity here.

it is amazing that people think this is good. how can that be? what happened to the world which loved platoon and apocalypse now.

so so so boring!

i am annoyed!