inception vs total recall

inception leonardo di caprio total recall arnold schwarzenegger

inception reminds me of total recall with arnold schwarzenegger.

two decades have passed between these two movie releases!

how to compare paul verhoeven and christopher nolan approaches to pop psychoanalysis?

verhoeven has a lot to teach.

nolan is young in my mind, it will take more time to figure him out.

both have their own actor+effects+story recipes.

time will tell.

but it was a real joy to watch total recall again.

do quaid and cobb dream or not? is it real?

i do like the blue collar feel of total recall (mines, revolution, construction workers, public transport, directness).

and i was bored by the fake consultant aesthetic of inception (corporations, suits, too much gel in hair, cheap pretense).

in total recall the tyrant is killed and people of mars are liberated, they can breathe fresh air, mars changes.

in inception the protagonist is granted liberty through aiding a corrupt foreign business lord in his destructive mission.

in total recall there are friends, in inception there are servants.

total recall has a lot of very ugly people, inception is all about makeup and precise hairdos.

total recall feels like a socialist movie, inception feels like an ad for wall street.

these are generalizations but fun ones.

in the mean time i appreciate the above juxtaposition: well oiled di caprio vs arnold with a wet hotel towel on his head.

di caprio is more pretty but arnold does what it takes to change a planet.

ps total recall is in for a remake.