innovation in running

usain bolt running technique

my coach, ole stougaard, has been suggesting pose method.

i did not have a chance to be properly instructed so tried to pick up tips from him whenever i could.

from time to time i have breakthroughs.

this week i had one.

i tried to increase my frequency above 90-95 right leg steps per minute.

i previously had about 85-90 cadence.

at some points i had above 110 cadence.

also i tried to further relax my upper body.

i made a test and just ran for an hour focusing on technique.

result was 16km at 4:19/km with not much effort (measured wth garmin 310 xt)

i know i am not fit to run 14kmh at this stage with my regular technique, at least not with such ease.

this is an approx 10-15sec faster than my current fitness level with previous technique.

i experienced some fatigue during last 3km due to high frequency but my body felt fresh.

it is interested that such things as running – which exist since the dawn of man – can be innovated.

i think any real theory needs maybe few months of testing so i will keep at it to make sure.

i need to do post bike run and a longer run (90-120min) and also i would like to measure my heart rate.

however, if my initial impressions are correct this is a really good thing.

will keep you posted.