internationalization of domain names

some people are always skeptical and sarcastic about the betterment of the world.

some look for these changes but unfortunately find them in wrong places.

for me, internationalization of domain names is a wonderful change which makes me very very happy.

i do not know why but i am proud that this change has happened.

it is one of the most positive changes i have seen in my life.

we are all bombarded by all this stuff over media and it is hard to recognize stuff which is really good, which is not lost in an unclear report, in a mess of information, in details, or has not been given enough attention. luckily internationalization of domain names is one of those things which is so strong and clear it should communicate easily and its effects should be seen quickly enough (in a decade or two).

just imagine all the wars from the past few thousand years, wars which were fought about who will talk which language, who will follow which religion, who will do things in this or that way…

and now, on internet, someone just gives up their domination because they know it is good. bravo!

imagine all the new generations which will be able to do things in their own language and in their own way. so they can still relate to their parents and grandparents and children. so they can communicate in the same manner generations before them did.

great day for humanity!

makes me proud to be a human!

if only others would do things the same manner they are done online.

make it open, free, clear, easy… it is about letting people do stuff. about helping them do stuff.

not the opposite.