iphone, steven schkolne, rotoscoping, will clarke

i’ve seen an old friend and neenstar steven schkolne on facebook. we have not chatted in ages. i said hi and we skyped a bit. i like steven and i think he is unique and great and wanted to see if we can be partners in my work somehow.

we skyped and he told me about rotoscoping. we spoke about kanye west heartless video.

will clarke triathlete

i showed him my illustration of will clarke. i would like to make a video in this style and steven has the knowledge to make the code for this. i was interested.

i checked old photos i have of steven and found some photos of miltos and rafael.

steven schkolne

miltos manetas

rafael rozendaal

this post is nostalgic.

miltos was very nostalgic and he took the guitar from the gipsy band and played it a bit (badly). rafael got crazy and gave way too much money to the band. that place – black panthers – was burned down few years ago.