irrationality is not so bad

ai weiwei fat

irrationality is used as a negative term.

hardly anyone compliments with “you are so fabulously irrational”.

no one wants to be flown by an irrational pilot, operated by irrational surgeon, or judged by an irrational judge.

but the line between rational and irrational is not really clear.

rational and irrational are abstract terms and can be stretched to anyone’s convenience.

pilot has to be irrational to believe she can fly tons of metal carrying hundreds of people across oceans.

surgeon has to be irrational to cut people open so she can heal them.

judge has to be irrational to believe that complex system of rules is just.

unproven belief, motivation, and creativity are irrational.

without the three little can be done.

if we had no unproven belief we would be testing things forever.

if we had no motivation we would not act.

if we had no creativity we would still be looking for sharper rocks and warmer caves.

but too much of irrationality can be a problem :)

quality is knowing how much irrational we can be.