it is change in dna that makes you stronger

i have guessed before, from my personal progress and progress of athletes i coached,

that fitness and strength improvement is not as simple as energy deficit and other popular ideas,

but that it is about programming your body on cell level to change.

this idea allowed me try to discover counter-intuitive training methods.

by try i mean, to accept what two coaches i was exposed to, ole and aleksandar, told me works.

by counter-intuitive i mean that for a 10 hour race you do not need to do 6 hour workouts.

now i am very happy research officially confirms my and other coache’s intuition.

that it is not so much about replicating the situation, but about programming your body.

read the full article about research results here.

it will take a lot of time for sports science to reach maximum efficiency in training.

but i feel very happy to have seen its progress in my time, from mid 90s till now.