it is important to enjoy stuff

beautiful greek trash

opening cliché: life is short.

one should enjoy as much as possible.

there is a difference between really enjoying stuff and enjoying yourself.

when you enjoy stuff you are fully given – like when you love someone.

when you enjoy yourself you are quite closed – like when you love yourself.

both are necessary, important and unavoidable – part of our nature.

but there should be a balance.

it is good to learn how to enjoy stuff.

somehow that gets lost or missed in education, work, daily routine.

there is so much content which easily allows this.

for one youtube is full of really excellent music.

search for bach or prokofiev and you have to enjoy.

you can explore the online art of rafael rozendaal.

you can enjoy sports performance or a good meal.

at first it is not easy to find content which hits the spot.

be persistent.

there are 1000s of years of art behind us.

millions of artists.

nature is everywhere.

sports is awesome – same as art.

science is super cool.

people are beautiful too.

six billion of them.

enjoy it.

it is hard to find pure beauty, unspoiled by ambition.

there is no one there to teach us how to experience beauty.

it should be a school class.