its getting late but i don't mind

i had a lot of fun this weekend, met some cool people.

maria sharapova decepticon dragon

was hanging out with maria sharapova when a dragon and a decepticon showed up and made the whole moment even cooler.

ili jon & da bitch

lil jon and his mom were almost as cool as i am.

katy perry

katy perry asked me to improve the cool of her photo by being in it.

david guetta

david guetta lost it but i was cool.

frodo mordor

frodo was nervous when i asked to check out his ring. i told him: keep it cool dude, i ain’t gonna take no dude’s jewelry.

darth vader

darth vader is not cool. i know he is making faces under that stupid gas mask.

fidel castro

castro was grabbing my ass, but i kept my cool.

starting my own meme.