king' speach and media consulting

king george vi

i do not often see movies about my work that interest me.

most are getting it wrong or are glamorizing and dramatizing basic work too much.

the king’s speech is one of the movies that gets a bit closer to what i do.

so what do i do?

most simple definition is: i help people communicate to other people.

sometimes it is a lot of people who need to communicate to a lot of people, sometimes it is only one to one.

if i help a company communicate, i am actually helping people to communicate to people again.

companies do not actually exist, people exist.

i know very little but i try and i have my charm and good looks going for me.

i like lionel logue, i like that he realized it is about compassion.

i like that they knew they needed to use mass media and that it has to be authentic.

i like that they say that this is what won the war.

i think every business person should see this movie and remember that king of commonwealth and emperor of india had to be humble enough and work hard to learn to do something himself.

everybody has to beat their own fear in order to grow.

details matter.