learning from films

people are designed to learn all the time.

we are exposed to the reality, we gather inputs, we process and adapt.

it happens ever millisecond, every day for every person, and entire civilization.

if there was one single generalized purpose (or trend) to us as individuals and as species, it is to learn and improve.

we learn alone, just like most animals do, but we also learn from each other.

we have schools, we talk, we argue, but also we have media.

people used to learn from books, but most people today learn from mass media.

and it is a wonderful source for learning.

lately i have been learning a lot from three sources:

star trek the next generation characters

1) star trek next generation is a wonderful source of really excellent examples on management, decision making, design, culture. the series is super rich. i have been enjoying and learning from star trek next generation for maybe 15 years.


2) south park and its direct sarcasm is just genius. it exposes so much taboos. it is genius. south park should be shown to elementary school kids every day as a class.

dylan dog

3) dylan dog has been my teacher for decades. i bought the first number when it came to serbia in early 90s, and i am still reading the comic series. dylan dog is always broke, always solves cases with no money, and somehow he gets the solution. the most unique agent. he is also always dressed the same.