learning photography

many years ago i thought it was important to learn some basic photography so i can do my work better.

i was told best way to learn photography is an analog camera.

i got a second hand nikon fe or f3, can not remember.

i had a lot of fun with it.

one night i drove on outskirts of belgrade and ive hit a baby deer with my car. i killed bamby!

dead deer

this photo is of an audience and serbian fencing championships. the queen was there as well but i lost her photo.

serbian fencing championship audience

isabelle arvers and nicolas colombiani visited us in belgrade one summer. it was nice. these days isabelle is teaching in marseille and nicolas is making movies in hollywood.

isabelle arvers nicolas colombiani swimming

was very inspired by this beach near thessaloniki. had a swim session and a short walk. very peaceful. i loved the rubbish and general falling apart look. i would like to grow old on a beach like that. maybe in this house.

beach house

i gave a lecture in pompidou for which i was never paid. you can not trust a museum named after a politician! however it gave me an excuse to spend some time in paris. i always had a lot of fun in paris when i visited but hated living there. its a bad place to live. this is valery grancher. he blends into paris better than i do.

valery grancher

my sister and her ex ex ex boyfriend. he has a white spot on his armpit.

maja tosic and her boyfriend

i like this photo of rafael rozendaal sleeping on a pillow i designed and he made for his show.

rafael rozendaal sleeping

analog photography is wonderful, i must get back into it.

all photos you can see on flickr.